Nigel said

I think the Jam Tent enabled great changes for people who spent time in it. There was a spectrum of audience types, but the welcome, encouragement, friendly atmosphere and accessibility to an interactive musical experience appealed to everyone and the response from musicians, helpers and audience resulted in remarkable and rewarding events there. Quiet, shy ordinary people were drawn into participating and contributing to active, spontaneous, joyful music with musicians and audience adding and formulating new versions the music, and with smiles and applause all around.

For example, one young man with Down’s Syndrome started by trying out the various wonderful musical instruments available, gained confidence, and ended the afternoon being congratulated by smiling young visiting band members for his energetic and contributory drumming – it was stunning!  I found the whole Jam Tent experience so interesting, rewarding and satisfying that I felt I was positive and re-charged, and that it was truly the best event in the Festival.

Grange-Over-Sands volunteer Nigel.


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