Magic Notes

MusicLinks works with a community of young people, people with disability and professional musicians. During COVID19 we have piloted the Magic Notes project. In doing so we have looked to explore online tools and approaches and deliver an over-arching collaborative project that our community can join in with. The collaborative approach we’ve explored is inspired by the In Bb 2.0 concept for group improvisation devised by Darren Solomon in New York in 2008.

As such, we have set a series of challenges, paying contributors to help us develop interactive music grids, by filming themselves improvising for one-minute in a certain key. The resulting films are then uploaded to templates devised for us by Susie Green. Each grid contains various numbers of improvisations that can be individually triggered in one screen. Users of all abilities are then able to compose a unique piece by ‘sequencing’ the Magic Notes grid-instrument. We ask professional local & international artists to create (along with young people) unique music responding to simple challenges e.g. Play in G major for one minute (no tempo) etc, resulting in the creation of a unique instrument that people of all abilities can play.

click on the image below to open the Magic Notes grid-instrument.