JamTent – This is possibly the future of music at festivals. Music for all made by All! What a wonderful idea and vision! – Dodgy


I would just like to say a HUGE thank you for ‘Jam Tent’ 2016. The group from Mill Lane Daycare Centre had the best time ever and are still talking about it now – memories which will last a lifetime! – Clare Strange, Day Care Centre

I think the Jam Tent enabled great changes for people who spent time in it. There was a spectrum of audience types, but the welcome, encouragement, friendly atmosphere and accessibility to an interactive musical experience appealed to everyone and the response from musicians, helpers and audience resulted in remarkable and rewarding events there. Quiet, shy ordinary people were drawn into participating and contributing to active, spontaneous, joyful music with musicians and audience adding and formulating new versions the music, and with smiles and applause all around.

For example, one young man with Down’s Syndrome started by trying out the various wonderful musical instruments available, gained confidence, and ended the afternoon being congratulated by smiling young visiting band members for his energetic and contributory drumming – it was stunning!  I found the whole Jam Tent experience so interesting, rewarding and satisfying that I felt I was positive and re-charged, and that it was truly the best event in the Festival. – Nigel, Volunteer, Grange-Over-Sands

The warmth of feeling in the JamTent was one of the highlights of my weekend at the festival – Billy Bragg


There was a palpable sense of the group ‘clicking’ musically and socially. Clearly felt by the audience. Because of the format of the JamTent participants would hear unexpected music and musicians which would often be in contrast to the music they made on the instruments. By freely sharing the JamTent space with musicians and workshop leaders who invited involvement and offered support and encouragement (often non-verbally) together with some inspiring instruments and techniques (esp Sound Sculptures) many participants were led to reach their full potential possible in that moment. MusicLinks skill in selecting the creative team meant that what could have been a very chaotic time was in the end very productive. Everyone pulled together and organised in a way which does them credit – Octopus Collective

The Best Craic of the weekend. Great crowd. Great set-up. Top tent. Loved the involvement of the crowd. Thanks for singing, dancing and playing  –  The Woodsmen

A Big Thanks to ALL the leaders and participants for bringing together our diverse talents… bringing big joy – out of our spontaneity…  where else can we do this kind of thing for a whole weekend? I really thought it was wonderful meeting and playing with you all – Looking forward to next time – I hope! – Martin ChaddertonFurness Tradition

I think that we owe MusicLinks and Kendal Calling a debt of gratitude for making it all possible and enabling us to be involved in such an amazing experience that so many people were touched by and will remember. I know that MusicLinks put a huge amount of work into making this happen and overcame many hurdles before, during and even after the festival. So thank you, it is this kind of unique experience that makes doing what we do worthwhile – Keith Redfern, Music Leader


Thanks very much to MusicLinks for all of your hard work in bringing the jam tent together and getting us all involved, and the whole team for being so great to work with! What a joyful, memorable experience, for us, and I believe most of those who came into the tent. I travelled south on the day after the festival and got recognised by someone washing my hands at Knutsford services. She had been in the jam tent and really enjoyed it! – Amy Boud, Music Leader

It was such an honour to play for such a wonderful project! Seeing the whole tent light up and drum along to songs we’ve written is properly heartwarming. Having the jam started by other participants and following their lead was humbling and will influence our tunes in the future. You have some kind talented and beautiful folk. Thank you so much! – Omit Sleep

Sandgate School (a 3-19 school for students with severe and profound learning needs) has a long history of involvement with Musiclinks, and has participated in many projects over the years. They are always done to a very high standard, utilising excellent musicians who have a real feel for how to get the best out of our children and young people with learning disabilities. The JamTent sessions were an exciting addition to their programme, and we would always urge funders to give consideration to their projects because they add so much to what we offer to our students. – Joyce Fletcher, Headteacher, Sandgate School Kendal


A very supportive concept that encourages the feeling that those on stage are not different in some way, from those watching… The set up was lovely, and it was great to see all those crazy instruments you had available – Scratters and the Funky Disco Pig  

…We then entered into a question and answer session with the tent participants and audience which was a bit of a revelation as you get feed back and an honest appraisal directly from your performance. A great idea one which we hope we could be party to again and again – Treedrum

Thank you on behalf of the Riversiders for such a fantastic day, still can’t stop talking about it … awesome! – Oaklea Trust

Thanks for letting us be a part of what was a great and valuable part of a lot of peoples Kendal Calling experience – Wonderful, enjoyable and a truckload of fun! – Thingumajigs

I’m grateful to MusicLinks for providing such a fantastic example of community music making. As a musician I was captivated by the level of enthusiasm and engagement evoked from all ages and abilities and from the audience. I witnessed a structure that defines the meaning of inclusivity.  There were groups of special needs participants who clearly reflected a sense of trust and confidence throughout the festival. I was thrilled at such a fine balance of sensitivity and respect without any hint of them being patronised. – Ali Rigg,  Music Leader


The most fun we’ve ever had at a gig! Absolutely delighted to be involved – The Bobbysocks

I thought The Jam Tent sounded interesting, and was so pleased to be able to experience it. Although I’ve always enjoyed music generally, I know nothing about its making.

As I joined in with all the amazing people I met that weekend, people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, the spirit and atmosphere was exciting. We all made music together, and everyone had a huge smile all weekend! Brilliant. It was only later, when I was at home, that I really became aware that I was listening and hearing differently, I could hear instruments, sounds, musical notes in a way I never had before, and it has never gone away! I’m over 70, and can enjoy music in a deeper way than ever before, thank you, it’s made a real difference. – Margaret, Volunteer, Grange-Over-Sands

From initial telephone contact, liaising and taking part in the jam sessions at the festival we have been made very welcome and our role as musicians really appreciated…our performance was quickly and effectively facilitated and a host of willing and engaged participants thronged in to make a fun and very musical experience across the age groups. Our only regret was not having more time to play and enjoy the atmosphere… We’d love to take part in future – Baksheesh

Loved being involved! Thought it was a really positive proactive tent that had something completely different to offer. There was a lot of feed back from all kinds of people through the weekend. Champion job! – Left Foot Productions / Sound Sculptures 

…Our Jam was both enjoyable and inspirational. We all had a great time playing for a great cause and I sincerely hope that we can work together again in the future – Sean Fay MSG Big Band

We loved the JamTent! Thank you all for having us, hopefully see you soon – SoShe

We  had an absolutely brilliant time at the JamTent… the session was incredible fun! Such a great project – Noah Noah

Absolutely top time! Great to see all the kids getting involved and such great staff – The Larkins

Once again we had a fantastic time in the JamTent. We were over the moon to be asked back again as we had such a great time last year. People playing music together is what festivals are about and JamTent hits the nail on the head. The range of instruments and people participating is fantastic! – Where Fires Are

We had so much fun. Please have us back – Holly Holden & Y Su Banda

Fantastic concept put into practice incredibly well. Great music and organization – a pleasure to be part of and pleased to be able to be involved in a great event for a great cause. – Deep.Sleep

Such a lovely tent! An amazing idea which opens up fun music contact between musicians and anyone who wants to be involved. Had a lovely time and thoroughly enjoyed it – Fat Suit

It was great to see the improvisations grow and morph thoughout the tent. Particularly enjoyed the lyrical contributions! – Dansi

Thanks for inviting us and introducing us to some of the great characters and fantastic percussion players. Big love to the volunteers and the project for all the great work. Forever happy to help. – Time for T